Project management is often characterized as a specific person responsible for leading a project from its inception to execution. Historically there have been traditional project managers in organizations trained in Six Sigma, ISO, or formal project management processes. At Advanis we approach this differently. When you really get down to it project management is simply delivering results. Isn’t that what we are all striving for?

What makes a good phone survey introduction? It is important not to dismiss the significance of this piece of the phone survey puzzle. Advanis always ensures that we test various introductions to determine what works best for the particular study and audience. Indeed, we built our proprietary survey system to allow our consultants to do these tests very easily.

Business questions are typically phrased like “Who would be interested in our new product?”, “How satisfied are our customers with our service?”, or “Who is likely to recommend our brand?” Survey research is often done to answer these questions and is typically reported out as showing the percent of people who fit into a particular category. Unless a census is completed, there will be some error in the results obtained. One very important question is, how large is this error?

There are four things that affect the margin of error:

The number of ways to advertise spans the gamut from very expensive Super Bowl TV ads to simple tweets. Clearly both of these extremes will be seen by vastly different audiences. However, even inexpensive advertising has the potential to go viral if the right conditions exist. By extension, monitoring and improving ad awareness and effectiveness may help small organizations reach large number of potential customers.