Human Experience is the whole experience that a person has with a company, a brand and/or a service in a physical or digital interaction. People have human experiences as consumers, employees, patients or as civilians. These human experiences create emotions, perceptions, desires, and requirements from the relationships that they have with brands and services. Today, consumers are pickier. They have more choices. They are not as attached to their trusted brands.

Advanis has developed its own proprietary General Population Random Sample (GPRS) in Canada. We use a combination of random digit dialing (RDD) to both wireless and landline phone numbers and recruited individuals using an IVR-to-Web methodology. This method is probability-based; that is, every recruit has an equal and known chance of being invited to participate in the survey.

It has been nine years since Advanis acquired Jolicoeur et Associés. 

This acquisition was beneficial to both organizations as we formed a new entity. The Jolicoeur team has brought solid expertise in public sector research. 

For its part, Advanis has brought considerable technological expertise which today makes the Advanis group one of the most innovative research firms in Canada.

Canadians are overwhelmingly split on climate change and carbon taxes, a study from Advanis finds.

Over the past year, Advanis asked in excess of 33,000 Canadians about climate change and their level of support for a carbon tax, contributing to the database of opinions to support evidence-based decision making.