Customizable Dashboards put NPS and VOC at your fingertips

You gather great customer experience data. The challenge is organizing, synthesizing, and sharing it to continuously improve your business. Advanis has been delivering customer experience dashboards to our clients for over 15 years; tools that help them accomplish exactly this goal.

CxOs, Presidents, and Vice-Presidents

Gauge the impact of service experience strategies, staff assignment/allocation, FTE forecasting, training programs, and supervisory effectiveness on bottom-line metrics such as churn, share-of-wallet, and loyalty/lifetime value.

Directors and Managers

Track their teams' performance on specific KPIs compared to predefined targets and in the context of historical trends and different interaction types, allowing them to easily identify areas that are excelling or underperforming. 

Supervisors and frontline staff

Are provided with tools for immediate performance intervention, coaching, and training. They are provided with the direction they need to create an exceptional experience for each customer and are held accountable for those experiences.

Customer retention teams Follow up with at-risk customers using sophisticated close-the-loop systems.

Why Advanis?

  1. Customizable
    • we design dashboards based on your objectives and data; we don’t “force you” into our box
    • our in-house programming team does the customizations; we don’t use external software
  2. Support action
    • individual survey results in PDF for easy printing for coaching discussions with staff
    • identify "at risk" customers, activate automated "alerts" to retention teams, and track follow-up when comments collected via telephone, voice recordings can be included to support coaching
  3. Hosted
    • use any browser to access a secure cloud-based website (we can host behind your firewall too)
    • no software installation necessary
  4. Intuitive
    • ​​easily "drill down" thru management hierarchy (e.g., VPs to Directors to Managers to Supervisors to Reps)
    • powerful filtering to focus analysis (e.g., type of customer interaction, account types, time period)
  5. Fast and Easy-to-Use
    • ​​fast report generation (even for data sets with millions of records)
    • easily export data to spreadsheets or PDFs
    • keyword search of open-ended comments
  6. Scalable
    • ​​used by thousands of users on a daily basis to monitor hundreds of thousands of individual survey results
  7. Attractive
    • ​​clean charts; dynamic pop-ups to provide additional detail while maintaining clarity of presentation
  8. Mobile
    • reports look great on all tablets, not just desktops/laptops
    • reports can be further customized for mobile phones
  9. Integrate Multiple Data Sources
    • ​​inclusion of data from surveys and your customer database into reports for a 360 degree view
    • handles multiple hierarchies (i.e., roll-ups and drilldowns): management, geographic, time-based, etc.
    • automated coding of open-ended comments into response categories for easy filtering
  10. Keep You Current
    • ​​data added automatically and continuously (i.e., as often as it’s collected)
    • automated hierarchy updates daily or weekly for accurate reflection of current reality
  11. Ensure Data Integrity
    • ​​automated monitoring, checking, and verification of all data, regardless of source
  12. Perform Calculations and Tests
    • ​​calculations of scores and indices live on the site as new data is added
    • statistical testing with color coding of differences if needed

Matthijs VisserMatthijs Visser is a Principal Consultant with Advanis. Matthijs designs and leads ongoing customer experience projects, often involving high-volume data collection methodologies, sophisticated quota schemes, and developing online reporting solutions to serve a large number of end-users. He is passionate about finding solutions to each client’s unique challenges, whether they be technical, operational, or analytical.