Lori Reiser


Lori believes that market research, done well, can arm marketers, product designers, and customer experience professionals with the right information to make their 'gut instinct' right, more often. She doesn't just deliver insights, she delivers a robust, cross-industry and forward looking approach to research. 

Lori has engaged in research projects in UX, product design, pricing behavior, customer experience and brand equity. Lori has worked with start-ups, emerging companies, and Fortune 100 clients across Canada and the United States, and has conducted research globally. Her experience is in retail, finance, insurance and technology industries, as well as social research in health and transportation.

Lori is also an experienced public speaker, having taken the stage at several national #MRX conferences (including FestNewMR, MRIA, MRMW, and Quirks). 

Lori is very active in her local community, serving as a past president of the board of Ontario Natural Food Co-op (the largest wholesale organics distributor in Ontario), the president of the Fighting Fräuleins roller derby team, a member of the Stanley Park P.S. Parents Committee and as communications director for actOUT! KW Children's Drama Workshop. 

Lori has a BBA, (concentration in Marketing) with a minor in Psychology, from Wilfrid Laurier University and has conducted Masters-level coursework in consumer behavior and marketing research at the University of Guelph. 


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